Buchu Superfruit: A DAVIDsTea Review

A mix of smooth-drinking buchu and yummy goji berries.




Merci buchu!


(Black currants, blackberry leaves, green rooibos, goji berries, strawberries, buchu, blueberries, acai, stevia extract, natural acai and raspberry flavouring.)

The name says it all… Super fruit. Goji berries, acai, blueberry, strawberry, raspberry, blackberry… leaves. You name it, it is all featured in Buchu Superfruit. Buchu, on the other hand, is a completely brand new concept to me. Apparently it is a smooth drinking herb native to South Africa that is traditionally used for renewal and detoxing purposes, and has a black currant-esque flavour to it. Off the bat, the loose leaf has a nondescript mixed berries aroma (obviously), but is also very reminiscent of grape candy (Jolly Ranchers, for example). Green rooibos is used as the base here, providing a lighter taste, that’s also fresh and mildly sweet. I have always personally preferred green over the typical red rooibos, which I find to be much stronger in flavour.

After close to 5 minutes of steeping, Buchu Superfruit results in a nice, “burnt orange” type of colour, but the brew itself seems to lose a lot of its original fruity/berry-like scent AND taste, unfortunately. The black currant is very much at the forefront, along with the blackberry leaves, when you take your initial sips, but as time passes, it just tastes more and more watered down to me. Medicinal too, kind of like cough syrup. The good news is, that no sugar/sweetener is technically needed. That’s what the stevia extract is there for… BUT I find it ruins this tea for me. There are times when it’s not as noticeable, but here, it leaves a strange aftertaste that just coats your tongue. For an all-natural, organic tea, this tastes a little too artificial for my liking. Preparing it iced certainly helps, and I will be doing so in order to finish what I have left of Buchu Superfruit, but because it still leaves a lot to be desired from it, I will not be purchasing anymore of this juicy, caffeine-free blend…

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