Moroccan Mint: A DAVIDsTea Review

Get a taste of Moroccan tradition with this fresh and soothing minty green tea.




A taste of the exotic…


(Green tea, peppermint, spearmint.)

In the 18th century, the British introduced tea to the country of Morocco, as part of the expansion of overseas markets and trade with Asia. Moroccan Mint is one of the most classic and beloved (green) teas of all time, comprised of gunpowder green tea and cooling, but calming peppermint. Because the recipe is so basic and straightforward, I’m surprised that DAVIDsTea hasn’t offered a blend of their own until now… Today, it makes its official debut as a part of this year’s Feel Good Collection, but with the addition of sweet spearmint leaves. The dry leaf smells very comforting. Comforting, fresh and super minty (as is to be expected). After close to four minutes, which is a minute past the recommended brewing time of 2-3, Moroccan Mint steeps up to a golden yellow-green colour.

Drinking this tea for the first time leaves me with mixed emotions, because all you taste is mint. Like a good 96%, at least. And the two types of mint leaves blend quite nicely. I have a hard time detecting one over the other though. As for the green tea base? It seems to be camouflaging itself as well. You can smell it somewhat once steeped, but ultimately, it’s almost nonexistent. I’m enjoying how despite the flavour being on the lighter side, how refreshing and soothing it still is. Fun fact about Moroccan Mint tea is that it is famously served extra sweet (with sugar cubes) – even though the spearmint included already contributes some sweetness – so it only seemed right to make sure I had the opportunity to sip this one the way it was intended. All in all, Moroccan Mint is nothing in particular to write home about. But if you enjoy mint tea like I personally do, but still crave a boost of energy/something caffeinated, then this would definitely be worth trying. Especially after a heavy meal! (It works as a great digestive aid.)

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