Turmeric Glow: A DAVIDsTea Review

Get your glow back with this brightening blend of turmeric, carrot and ginger.




The golden standard…


(Carrots, ginger, turmeric, sweet blackberry leaf, pineapple, beetroot, natural pineapple flavouring.)

Belonging to the ginger family, turmeric has been widely used in East India and the Middle East for thousands of years, and is now one of the most highly-prized spices in the world. This year’s Feel Good Collection from DAVIDsTea features yet another herbal blend with this “golden root” as the star. What better way to start the new year off than with a cup of none other than Turmeric Glow? You would almost be surprised by just how many things turmeric is good for. For example: improving one’s ability to digest fats, reducing gas and bloating, decreasing congestion, as well as promoting better skin. Not surprisingly, before steeping, Turmeric Glow smells primarily earthy and spicy, but you can’t deny the sweetness that the carrots and pineapple bring to the table. The loose leaf of this tea contains vibrant pops of yellow, orange, and more. It is chunky enough to see nearly every ingredient, especially the first ingredient: carrot.

But you can’t count out the beet root in this blend, it is what fills your cup with a beautiful reddish pink colour after Turmeric Glow has steeped for about 6 to 7 minutes. The sweetness of the candied pineapple is no longer present in the scent of the tea at thi point. It’s the spice that dominates, but it’s not super strong or anything. The overall fruitiness here really helps to mellow out the flavour of the ginger and turmeric. The fact that this wasn’t as “spicy” or “spiced” as I thought it would taste… was a total relief. There’s a subtle tart quality from the beetroot, but the pineapple is the most prominent note. With Turmeric Glow, additional sweetener is really not necessary. It already has a lot going for it, thanks to the four sources of natural sweetness. Admittedly, I enjoy Turmeric Glow more than I did Mango Turmeric from the previous year’s Feel Good Collection, but even with that being said, it is nothing groundbreaking or memorable. It’s hit or miss, but still worth a shot. (Especially iced!) I guess I should just be thankful that it didn’t completely stain my cup yellow…

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