DAVIDsTea – The Perfect Spoon

Made to measure…


This is one of our very favourite products. It’s small, but has great powers. By helping you measure your loose-leaf tea correctly, it will ensure a perfect brew every time. Not too strong, not too weak. You’ll love it. Just the high-quality heft of the stainless steel is enough to make us want to buy another.

When I first got into DAVIDsTea in September of 2015, I made my very first online order about a week or two later, which included the following starter items:


It’s debatable whether the perfect spoon really serves a purpose, or how necessary it really is to the tea making process. Every tea drinker is different; some opt for using regular measuring spoons to make their daily cuppas, but for me, The Perfect Spoon is all I’ve known to use from the very beginning. It is an essential part of my day, especially where tea is concerned. And to be honest, that is every day. In the past year, DAVIDsTea has developed their accessories line, expanding on their variety of spoons. They’ve always had their standard silver, but recently they have come out with black for Halloween and gold for the holidays.

A couple days ago, guava pink, teal, mango, deep indigo, and sunshine yellow all joined the spoon family. They’re all limited edition colours, and as much as I was intrigued to have my very own spoon rainbow, I decided to stick strictly with the teal option. Any of the other colours would have added a nice added brightness to my tea corner, but I ultimately felt like teal was the clear winner, because it’s the perfect representative of DAVIDs Tea as a whole. That classic teal is splashed on their store walls, their website, and even the boxes that get dropped off at your home each time you order. Now, if they ever came out with a lilac purple or minty green coloured perfect spoon, I would be all over those in a hot second!


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