Honey Lullaby: A DAVIDsTEA Review

A delicately sweet honey-chamomile blend with a twinkling dash of rose petals.




I dream of honey…


(Chamomile, rose petals, cornflower petals, stevia extract, natural and artificial honey flavouring.)

It’s time to de-stress and let yourself succumb to the powers of Honey Lullaby, a newly released herbal infusion that is both sweet and soothing. Everyone has their own special way to wind down before bed, but sometimes all you need is a warm cup of tea. Perhaps after trying this particular tea, you just may make it a part of your night time routine. First of all, it’s got a calming base of chamomile – a flower renowned for its relaxing properties, then add in a nice touch of honey, and finally, rose petals to perfume the mix. Now, is this or is this not the prettiest loose leaf tea you’ve ever laid your eyes on? It’s basically a blend of colourful flower petals. Gorgeous!

Too bad I’m not the biggest fan of chamomile, because that’s all I smell. And after just over four minutes, it’s still all that I smell. The colour that it steeps to can be best described as liquid honey. That nice, golden hue. Let’s talk about the stevia, shall we? As per usual, it is doing nothing but making this tea taste overtly sweet and leaving a really weird aftertaste. It’s the first thing that I notice upon taking a sip, followed by the chamomile. If anything, it would have been better to leave it out completely or at least increase the honey flavouring. I wish I could say that the honey and chamomile compliment each other well, but here the honey is actually quite weak, just like the supposed floral undertones. Unfortunately, this is on the more expensive side, especially for a herbal tea, but because it’s so light and fluffy, at least you get a lot of bang for your buck…

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