Caramel Corn: A DAVIDsTea Review

Everyone’s favourite fairground snack, with a hint of fruit and coconut.




Top of the pops!


(Apple, cinnamon, pineapple, caramel, currants, almonds, beetroot, coconut, popcorn, natural and artificial flavouring.)

If you ask me, there is one thing you should never have to choose between, and that’s eating something sugary and sweet or something more savoury. Life is too short not to enjoy the best of both worlds. Just think about some of the most popular sweet and salty food combos: peanut butter + chocolate, chicken + waffles, pineapple + ham, and of course… caramel + popcorn. DAVIDsTea’s Caramel Corn is honestly just as addictive. The loose leaf has a lot going on; not only are there huge pieces of cinnamon bark and bits of caramel sprinkled throughout, there’s also popped corn, coconut, slivers of almond, and dried fruit. The good news though, is that this caffeine-free blend smells absolutely amazing! 110% like Caramel Corn, but with a bonus nutty quality. The cinnamon in it makes it super warm and comforting when prepared hot and left to brew.

Because this tea is on the heavier side, you’ll unfortunately need to use more in order to avoid a weak tasting cup of tea. After close to 7 minutes, Caramel Corn steeps up a pretty pink colour due to a touch of beetroot. Despite the obvious natural sweetness they bring to this tea, I feel like the fruit (apple, pineapple, currants) isn’t actually needed for the success of this tea. But it’s okay, because Caramel Corn is still rich with creamy, sweet caramel-y notes. Note: Adding a splash of milk/cream or making a latte really helps develop the creaminess, transforming the sipping experience into even more so of a treat. Overall, Caramel Corn is a satisfying tribute to its namesake and a great option for those with a massive sweet tooth in search of something truly indulgent and guilt free. It basically takes all the good qualities of the following fan favourites: Forever Nuts, Sleigh Ride & Movie Night and bundles them up with a buttery, caramel corn flavour.

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