Berry Romantic: A DAVIDsTea Review

A romantic strawberries-and-cream tea, strewn with pretty flower petals.




Will you berry me…


(Apple, oolong tea, cane sugar, blackberry leaf, gomphrena petals, jasmine buds, strawberries, rose buds, natural strawberry flavouring and artificial cream flavouring.)

For some, strawberries are essential to a successful Valentine’s Day, aside from chocolate and flowers, of course. Did you know that this popular red berry is a part of the rose family? No wonder they’re so romantic! And no wonder they were put together in Berry Romantic, a strawberries-and-cream oolong tea, newly released for V-Day. Strawberry shortcake is definitely one of my very favourite cakes to indulge in, so I have incredibly high hopes for this tea. Although it is not exactly what I expected, Berry Romantic’s loose leaf appearance is stunning. Largely in part to the gomphrena – a flower from Hawaii that symbolizes love and friendship – petals sprinkled throughout in all their pretty pink glory, while the cane sugar kind of makes everything stick together.

Fruity, and slightly creamy, which goes along with the whole “berries and cream” sales pitch. Too bad the smell doesn’t translate into the flavour. The oolong base is strong. After the minimum steeping time of four minutes, the oolong dominates over the aforementioned fruity aroma. The berry flavour is still there, but more so in the aftertaste, if anything. It’s quite subtle and underwhelming, all things considering. It’s a little surprising to me that I can’t pick up on much of the floral notes, considering the amount of flowers mixed in here, especially the jasmine and the rose. Although it’s already leaning towards being sweet, I find adding just a touch more sweetener helps bring this together somewhat. Berry Romantic is more or less appropriate for this collection, but at the end of the day, I don’t believe that it delivered on the flavour it promised to showcase.

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