Maple Matcha: A DAVIDsTea Review

We gave this all-natural matcha the Canadian treatment with a sweet drizzle of maple.




Keep it sweet…


(Cane sugar, green tea, natural maple flavouring.)

What’s more Canadian than maple syrup, eh? This sticky sweet substance has long been part of Canada’s cultural fabric. Maple products alike are considered symbolic of Canada, and are frequently sold in tourist shops & airports as souvenirs from our homeland. The sugar maple’s leaf has come to symbolize this great country, and is even depicted on the national flag. Although maple syrup is something I quite enjoy (especially on a stack of waffles), maple as a general flavour isn’t something I typically gravitate towards, so needless to say I was kind of hesitant about the release of Maple Matcha. It basically looks like a standard matcha powder and if you look closer, you can even see the crystals of cane sugar. Maple is definitely present in the scent, it’s sweet smelling but slightly subdued.

After it is prepared, you are left with a nice, emerald green colour. The maple flavour is not too strong or too sweet, and best of all, it tastes super natural. Creamy, as well. You would definitely expect it to be especially sweet, since maple/maple syrup typically is, but it does balance well with the matcha at the end of the day. It’s honestly the perfect amount of matcha versus maple flavour. It certainly doesn’t need any sweetener, but you may want to add some straight matcha (like Ceremonial, Matcha Matsu, or Grand Cru) to help tone down on the sugar. I definitely like the maple in this matcha more so than I do in any of the other “maple” teas (Oh Canada!, Maple Sugar). There’s just something really comforting about this tea. And it goes to show how some things can surprise you, because for the longest time, I was under the impression that no matcha flavour could come close to Blueberry, but I think Maple just did.


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