Peach Matcha: A DAVIDsTea Review

An all-natural blend of stone-ground matcha, pure cane sugar and fruity peach.




Game, set, matcha…


(Cane sugar, green tea, natural peach flavouring.)

A “quirky” fact about yours truly is that if I manage to get my hands on anything peach flavoured, a good 9 times out of ten, not only will it end up in my mouth, but I will probably become obsessed with it. Such has been the case with Fuzzy Peach candies, Snapple iced tea, Peach Schnapps (cc: Peach Bellinis), and of course, peach cobbler. So, it was basically fate when Peach Matcha made its triumphant return from last summer, becoming a permanent fixture on DAVIDsTea’s glorious tea wall. In a way, it looks like typical matcha powder, but once you look closer, you can see the sugar practically shimmering through the green tea powder. (Cane sugar is the first ingredient listed, after all.) The aroma boasts notes of sweet, fruity peach, with a slight greenness from the matcha.

Whether you decide to whisk it up in a bowl or shake it up via the matcha maker, the result is the same: a bright, opaque emerald coloured cuppa that is undeniably peachy. The peach flavour is prominent and quite rich, balancing well with the vegetal qualities of the green tea. Best of all, there’s no bitterness to be found at all. But it’s sweet. Almost a little too sweet at times. There’s no need to add any more to this, in fact, you may feel inclined to mix in some plain matcha (Grand Cru, for example) to help bring down the sugar content to your liking. Overall, Peach Matcha is definitely not at all bad tasting when prepared plain and hot, but I’m honestly so accustomed to drinking matcha lattes, so that is definitely how I would prefer to enjoy this tea. Milk just increases the creaminess, and adds that much more to the sipping experience. Fingers crossed for even more fruity options in the near future!

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