Strawberry Shake: A DAVIDsTea Review

Shake up your sipping with this creamy blend of green tea, strawberry and yogurt.




Shake it off…


(Green tea, papaya, yogurt bits, candied strawberry, natural strawberry and yogurt flavouring.)

Rich, refreshing, and bursting with flavour. That’s the epitome of a great strawberry milkshake, if you ask me. Shout out to Ivar “Pop” Coulson, a Walgreens employee, who first invented this malt shop classic nearly a century ago (way, way back in 1922)! DAVIDsTea has just released their very own low-caffeine, no calorie version called Strawberry Shake. Out of the entire Malt Shop Collection, this is the tea that I anticipated the most, and this sweet blend smells exactly like one of my favourite dairy products… strawberry yogurt! The fragrance is absolutely heavenly, not at all subtle. I can smell it right through the tin. Everything is present in the loose leaf – big, full pieces of green tea, yogurt bits, and dried fruit pieces. Not just strawberry, but papaya too!

I must say that the green tea lends itself as a nice, light base for Strawberry Shake. Even after steeping it for three minutes, it is not overly strong or bitter in any way, and that’s such a relief, because green teas are typically known for that. It brews up this faint yellow-ish green colour, with the green tea coming through more so after steeping. Upon the first sip, my initial thought was: bland, weak, severely lacking in flavour. Couldn’t taste a whole lot of anything, unfortunately.  Halfway through, rock sugar was added, in an attempt to bring those hidden notes forward. After finishing my cuppa, I came to the conclusion, that although Strawberry Shake doesn’t completely knock it out of the park, it is still worth trying. It’s an all-natural mix (no stevia here!), and once you make the proper modifications to it (adding milk and sugar), then it is able to reach its full potential. It just needs that extra push to be great. This is basically what I had hoped Berry Romantic would have been, but without the oolong.

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