Vanilla Swirl: A DAVIDsTea Review

This creamy vanilla infusion tastes just like a soft serve ice cream cone. Sweet!




Swirled record…


(Lemongrass, pineapple, white chocolate, globe amaranth, cornflower petals, stevia extract, natural flavouring.)

Vanilla ice cream is a truly timeless, delicious dessert known ’round the world, but has its essence been captured in Vanilla Swirl? Not exactly. This tea should honestly get an award for Best False Advertising. I’m sorry DAVIDsTea, but you really missed the mark with this one. This tea is extremely confusing to me. Out of the entire Malt Shop Collection, Vanilla Swirl piqued my interest immediately. But the first ingredient in this herbal blend is lemongrass, oddly enough, while vanilla is not listed at all. Who knows, maybe it’s a part of the “natural flavouring”, but if that’s the case, I’m still perplexed by the branding of Vanilla Swirl. It promotes a creamy, vanilla sweetness, just like a soft serve ice cream cone, but with a swirl of lemon? The loose leaf consists mainly of lemongrass, as well as some candied fruit, white chocolate curls and pretty flower petals sprinkled throughout.

At first, when I initially smelled Vanilla Swirl, I did surprisingly pick up on vanilla, but it was gone almost instantly, before tangy lemon and sweet pineapple took over and dominated my nostrils. After four minutes, this tea steeped to a mellow yellow tone with a slight creaminess to it from the white chocolate. The white chocolate also contributes an oil film that sits at the top of your cup, which can be a tad unsettling for some, but is something that I’ve become accustomed to with certain teas. Unfortunately, it tastes exactly how it smells. Fruity, with a bit of vanilla in the background – way, way in the back. Oh, and it’s sweet. (Stevia strikes again!) It’s very in your face, making itself known, and then leaving you with that odd aftertaste. This could easily be renamed Lemon Swirl. It almost tastes like a caffeine-free version of Lemon Pound Cake. Overall, those would be the two major shortcomings of Vanilla Swirl: the way that the lemon flavour and stevia overshadow everything else in this blend. But I’m curious to know, if with some milk and vanilla agave added, if perhaps Vanilla Swirl could better reach its full potential…

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