Cantaloupe Ice: A DAVIDsTea Review

With juicy cantaloupe as the star, this sweet, crisp tea is delightfully refreshing.




Ice to meet you…


(Apple, melon, carrot, roasted chicory root, apple pomace, sweet blackberry leaves, beetroot, passionfruit granules, marigold, natural watermelon flavouring.)

Not to be ignorant, but I am only particularly familiar with three types of melon, and out of those three, I can’t say that cantaloupe ranks very high on that list. About a year and a half ago, I tried my very first tea from DAVIDsTea… Honey, I Dew. A white tea that unfortunately has been discontinued, but at the time, really sealed the deal for me. But now that Honey I Dew is virtually extinct, the hunt for an exceptional melon flavoured blend has been ongoing ever since. Cantaloupe Ice, one-third of the new Macaron Collection, immediately stands out because it was somehow formulated without containing any actual cantaloupe… just melon and flavouring. That’s impressive, because this fruit infusion truly does smells just like cantaloupe.

But as much as it smells like “cantaloupe”, it also kind of smells like plain ol’ melon too. Some carrot, or even the roasted chicory root maybe? After close to six minutes, Cantaloupe Ice steeps to a beautiful red orange colour, which is a little surprising to me, knowing that this blend has beetroot listed in the ingredients. Even though the cantaloupe is a simulated flavour, this tea doesn’t taste artificial in the slightest. The taste is juicy and robust, but also slightly tart with a tangy mouth feel, thanks no doubt to the passion fruit granules. For this reason, sugar is a definite must. Overall, it’s still an incredibly refreshing cuppa. It would have felt a bit sacrilegious drinking this hot when “ice” is in its name, so I think trying it both ways was important, even though I already knew it was better off being made iced. Perhaps the best way to describe Cantaloupe Ice is to think about if Melon Drop and Luscious Watermelon came together and made a (fruity tea) baby. Yum!

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