Raspberry Meringue: A DAVIDsTea Review

This vibrant raspberry and vanilla-scented white tea tastes like a dessert in a cup.




Berry nice…


(White tea, apple, mango, pineapple, green tea, sugar, sweet blackberry leaves, raspberries, chamomile, natural raspberry, vanilla and caramel flavouring.)

Conceptually, Raspberry Meringue makes the most sense being included in the new Macaron collection from DAVIDsTea. For one, macarons are a French meringue-based concoction that are both dainty and bite-sized, while raspberry is a pretty traditional/common flavour used for macarons. So it will be interesting to see how this tea compares to the real deal. The smell is quite nice, like raspberries and creamy vanilla, but there is something else that I can’t quite put my finger on. The caramel perhaps? The loose leaf has a real minced appearance to it; you can see the bits of green tea, white tea, raspberry, little chamomile flowers, the candied fruit, as well as the sugar crystals scattered throughout.

This tea can best be described as Raspberry Cream Pie’s distant relative. It has a similar look; after close to five minutes, you can expect your cup to be filled with a deep caramel-esque colour that looks slightly milky. The first sip delivers a delicate, fruity flavour. The brew tastes very true to actual, fresh raspberries: tart, but sweet. It definitely has a nice lightness to it, which makes it even more of a refreshing cup of tea. The white and green teas blend well together; thankfully the chamomile doesn’t really come through, which was something I was a little worried about. While the combination of the vanilla and caramel flavourings really impart Raspberry Meringue with this rich, dessert tea feel, in addition to the natural sweetness that is subtle and just sweet enough. Unfortunately, at the end of the day, this tea leaves me feeling indifferent. It’s really nothing to write home about, but if you found RCP to be a little too much, this might be a better alternative for you, with a hint of caffeine to boot!

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