Guava Cadabra: A DAVIDsTea Review

This delicate pink tisane blends guava with mango and apple.




Oh, oh it’s magic…

Guava Cadabra

(Mango, apple, hibiscus blossoms, elderberries, guava crunchy, mango, beetroot, rosehips, artificial flavouring.)

Guava is such an unique, underrated fruit, found most often in tropical and subtropical areas (e.g. Central America and Mexico). Although it can only be located in select supermarkets, you don’t really see it around too much, and especially not in teas. But it is about time that the guava got a chance to prove its worth and showcase why it’s so charming of a fruit. In Guava Cadabra, this fruit infusion pairs up its star with a more familiar tropical “delicacy”, the mango. At a glance, this is a truly chunky tea; full of dried fruit pieces (both big and small), beetroot, dark red hibiscus blossoms, itty bitty elderberries, and rosehips. It has a tendency to stick/clump together, because of all the sugars in the fruit. It has a really, potent, irresistible aroma to it, enough to make you fall under its spell.

As it steeps, Guava Cadabra transforms from a cloudy pink (much similar to the flesh of a guava) to a more vivid pink that is borderline red in only five minutes. Almost like magic right before your eyes. The first thing that hits your tongue is the mango and guava together, from the scent right back into the initial sip, they are still very much bonded. They pair well here, but the mango seems to threaten to dominate over the guava. For whatever reason, it is the first ingredient listed (and not just once, but twice…). The level of tartness in this tea is much higher when prepared hot, thanks in part to the hibiscus, but is not so bad once sweetener is added, making it a lot more juice-like and enhancing the full, robustness of the guava flavour. This exotic tisane is really in a realm all of its own; I have yet to meet another tea quite like Guava Cadabra.

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