Sunny Citrus: A DAVIDsTea Review

Brighten up your cup with this blend of hibiscus, orange and sweet flower sprinkles.




Zest for life…


(Apple, hibiscus, sprinkles, currants, blackberry leaves, rosehip shells, orange peel, sunflower petals, safflower petals, mallow flower petals, natural flavouring.)

Slightly reformulated with little multi-coloured flower shaped sprinkles, Sunny Citrus has risen from the DAVIDsTea tea graveyard just in time for Easter! Unfortunately because of the peanut oil in these very sprinkles — which pose too much of a health risk to those with nut allergies — this tangy fruit infusion is a certified “online exclusive”! It has quite the appealing loose leaf appearance, It’s mostly red you see, like the hibiscus, rosehip shells, currants, but then there are bits of orange peel and apple, alongside the pretty sprinkles (and various actual flower petals). Before steeping, Sunny Citrus has a very strong, pungently tart aroma. Not necessarily in a bad way, but it definitely catches you off guard and throws you through a loop.

Thankfully after 5 to 6 minutes, the scent has dialed down a bit. The citrus is present and it’s almost kind of creamy. I would say it smells a lot more like lemon, as opposed to orange. The hibiscus is what is greatly responsible for the vibrant crimson hue that fills your cup, as well as the powerful tang that flows throughout this tea with each sip. It’s definitely the first thing that hits you with its harsh sour pucker. There is some natural sweetness from the dried fruit and even some buttery notes, but unfortunately the hibiscus really dominates over everything. As soon I heard of this tisane, I had some pretty high hopes for Sunny Citrus. It honestly had all the potential in the world to be a great fruit infusion, but it still fell flat in my opinion. If it cut down significantly on the hibiscus, and upped the amount of orange, this would have been an automatic winner in my books.

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