Sour Watermelon: A DAVIDsTea Review

We all know watermelon is the king of summer. And this tart and juicy brew takes its deliciousness to a whole new level. Pucker up!




Sour power…


(Sour apple, honeydew melon, watermelon, beetroot, artificial orange-mint flavouring.)

Each and every summer, there’s one fruit that people prepare to feast upon, whether it is at a picnic, barbecue, pool party, or a family gathering of some kind, and that is the watermelon. With its juicy texture, this pink melon is great for hydrating/cooling down the body, and hence is truly refreshing, rightfully making it king (of summer). And with Sour Watermelon, DAVIDsTea takes this fruit to a whole other level, from sweet to pleasantly tart. If you like Jolly Ranchers, or even the penny candies from your childhood, this caffeine free blend is just for you! It’s a bit on the chunkier side, with big pieces of dried fruit (how does one dehydrate a melon, anyways?), as well as beetroot. Everything basically sticks together, and has a scent that is reminiscent of the aforementioned candies.

If you want to get the true sour experience, 10 minutes and up is your best bet. Shorter steeps result in a cup that looks like straight up watermelon juice, but the longer it sits, the more the beetroot comes through, and the colour develops. The aroma kind of tricks you before you take a sip, because it smells like sweet watermelon candies, but the taste makes for quite the pucker face! It’s not at all tart/sour in the way that hibiscus is, it’s basically the sour apple getting to shine amongst the melon. You even get some subtle green apple-esque undertones in each sip. But I feel like Sour Watermelon could use some added sugar to cut the edge of the tartness somewhat and bring everything together. Although, I can’t quite speak for where the “orange-mint” flavouring comes into play, but it’s probably for the best that it cannot be detected. Simply put, Sour Watermelon is the best (water)melon tea I’ve encountered to date, next to Melon Drop. It is spot on to what it is trying to portray, and what more could you possibly ask for?

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