Coco Colada: A DAVIDsTea Review

This creamy coconut-pineapple blend tastes just like a perfect piña colada.




Cuckoo for coconuts…


(Pineapple, roasted coconut, mango, apple, hibiscus, natural coconut and pineapple flavouring.)

Pretty much everyone and their mother has heard of the Piña Colada. It is that deliciously tempting rum, pineapple and coconut concoction that was featured in the 1979 Rupert Holmes’s Piña Colada song, “Escape”. This is one of the most popular tropical cocktails, and of all the piña colada-esque teas that DAVIDsTea has released over the years, and trust me there have been quite a few (Pura Vida, Tropicalia, Hot Tropic, Fruits of Paradise), Coco Colada is probably the most true to what a piña colada tastes like. And that’s because instead of bogging the tea down with a bunch of different, sometimes unnecessary ingredients, Coco Colada is simply pineapple and coconut, with a tropical twist of mango and a pop of colour/tang from the hibiscus.  The smell is kind of off putting. I don’t know if it’s the roasted coconut, per say, but it’s really not pleasant.

Even after seven minutes of steeping, Coco Colada still only changes to a really pale, cloudy pink shade. The smell after steeping gets worse, if you can believe it. I honestly can’t describe it… But I can’t ignore it as much as I’d like. I am thankful for the mango, which I find ups the fruity factor and spices up the classic piña colada recipe somewhat. Overall, it has a real nice coconut/pineapple flavour, although the coconut comes through more so than anything else, giving this tea a creamy quality to it, coating your mouth, while the pineapple and its sweetness settle into the aftertaste. I think adding any more sugar to this blend would be extreme overkill. The candied fruit already contributes plenty of natural sweetness. Even though this tea doesn’t do a whole for me, the inclusion of hibiscus, instead of say, beetroot is pretty disappointing though, because this tea has all kinds of latte potential… What a missed opportunity!

One thought on “Coco Colada: A DAVIDsTea Review”

  1. I’m so upset that coco colada has been discontinued. I drink iced tea all year long and this flavor is absolutely amazing.


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