Grapefruit Granita: A DAVIDsTea Review

Looking for a little sophistication with your summer refreshment? This delicate and lively blend tastes just like a frosty grapefruit sorbet.




Chill out…


(Ginger, green tea, sweet blackberry leaves, apple, apple pomace, beetroot, grapefruit peel, marigold flowers, artificial grapefruit and cream flavouring.)

Just in case you didn’t already know, a granita is a semi-frozen, Italian-style flavoured ice, similiar to that of a snow cone. Sweet, cool, and refreshing. Just the thing you want to reach for on an especially smouldering summer day. Grapefruit Granita, one-fifth of DAVIDsTea’s newly released Summer Collection, just so happens to be directly inspired by this treat. It lists ginger as its first ingredient, and you can definitely smell it right away; while – the intended star of this blend –  grapefruit lingers in the background. Having ginger, grapefruit, and cream (flavouring) mixed together on top of a base of delicate green tea is slightly intimidating. On “paper”, it doesn’t really work… But thankfully after three minutes, the ginger has toned down a bit, giving the grapefruit some room to shine.

Of course, it’s still there, but it’s not as intense as it would be if you prepared this tea for the maximum recommended steep time of 5 minutes. All I can taste is grapefruit (the brew even looks like it could pass for a cup of red grapefruit juice), and surprisingly enough, the cream flavouring too! Unfortunately, it is desperately missing something to implement some kind of sweetness and balance out the unpleasant bitterness that stays in your mouth as you continue to sip on this, which I believe can be attributed mostly to the grapefruit peel. Oddly enough, drinking this tea reminds me of a herbal infusion called Pink Flamingo… even though that particular blend doesn’t contain any grapefruit at all. And despite being a little too heavy handed with the ginger, DAVIDsTea doesn’t have very many grapefruit-flavoured teas featured on their tea wall, so I would say Grapefruit Granita is still worth trying. Especially iced!

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