Rainbow Sherbet: A DAVIDsTea Review

Remember going to the ice cream shop when you were a kid? This sweet and fruity blend will take you right back to your favourite cone.




Over the rainbow…


(Apple, pineapple, orange peel, hibiscus, sweet blackberry leaves, cornflower petals, raspberries, natural flavouring.)

The names sorbet and sherbet have been used interchangeably to some extent over the years, which can get pretty confusing at times, but let’s get things straight. Sherbet is simply sorbet’s creamier cousin. Once some dairy is added, the result is a frozen dessert that’s richer than sorbet, but is still lighter than ice cream. And I think that’s why I enjoy sherbet so much, because it’s the best of both worlds, and when you’re indecisive like me, you really don’t want to have to choose! Inspired by the classic, DAVIDsTea’s Rainbow Sherbet combines ripe raspberry, sweet pineapple and juicy orange into a feast for the senses. The cornflower petals bring a nice additional pop of colour amidst the other ingredients. It’s almost as beautiful as the colour that appears after 7 full minutes of steeping – hibiscus red. And the tea still smells as fruity as ever; the orange is what stands out the most.

Oddly enough, one of my very first thoughts while sipping this tea was, “why does this taste exactly like a piece of gum that has lost the majority of its flavour almost instantly?”. Fruit Stripe gum is a perfect flavour comparison. And the thing is, if you enjoy fruity teas that aren’t too sweet, Rainbow Sherbet is right up your alley. Its overall flavour is on the lighter, more diluted side, especially before any added sweetener. The fruit notes can best described as non-descript. The citrus (orange) is kind of obvious, and there’s something like a red fruit flavour representative of the raspberry, but then the pineapple seems to kind of blend in with everything else. It has a slight tropical vibe going for it. Maybe if lime was included in this mix of fruits, that would have amped this tea up for me, and taste even more like the Rainbow Sherbet that I grew up eating. Either way, it’s super refreshing and a definite future summer staple!

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