Moonlight White: A DAVIDsTea Review

This exquisite white pu’erh tea is delicate and smooth, with a sweet honey finish.




Can’t fight the moonlight…


(White tea from Yunnan Province, China.)

The original Chinese name for this tea is “Yue Guang Bai”, which quite literally translates to Moonlight White, word for word. Yunnan, a province of/in China that is known for their pu’erh tea, is the source of this special tea blend. And I say tea blend, because people often get confused on whether Moonlight White is in fact a white tea, or is it Pu-erh? The answer is both, technically. Even though it has been lightly processed just like your typical while tea, you can steep this as if it were a pu’erh, ultimately making it a “white pu’erh”. Its appearance is comprised of white silvery leaves, complete with a black underbelly, which the Chinese believe mimics the glow of the moon. Not to be ignorant, but to me, Moonlight White has the standard “white tea” scent: light, fresh, and vegetal. Kind of like a green tea, actually.

The fact that you can steep Moonlight White up to 7 minutes if you wanted is pretty refreshing. I have often accidentally burnt a white tea (or six), because I forget how delicate they can, and this tea helps take some of the stress out of that process. After four minutes, this tea brews up to a beautiful golden colour. Although I bet more time would have brugh t forth a rather toasty, brown shade. The aroma wafting off the cup now smells a bit like warmed cream, oddly enough. As for the taste, super smooth. And the pu’erh aspect gives it this malty depth. It’s a little bitter as you make your way to the bottom of the cup, but it’s really not so bad, because there’s a nice honey finish with each sip. Quite the tea experience, but it’s very limited edition, so get some while you still can!

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