Raspberry Mojito: A DAVIDsTea Review

Is there any way to improve on a classic mojito? Sure… Just add raspberry!




Gimme some mo’…

(Apple, raisins, hibiscus blossoms, carrot, beetroot, peppermint, lime, raspberries, rose petals, natural and artificial strawberry flavouring.)

We can all thank the city of Havana, Cuba for the creation of the mojito, one of the oldest mixed drinks still consumed today. The mojito is a classic cocktail that brings mint and lime together with a splash of white rum. And for a fun, summery twist, why not add in a handful of sweet raspberries? Resulting in a fruity, minty, and oh so refreshing mix! Just like Raspberry Mojito, a DAVIDsTea returning favourite that is officially the “new” featured tea of the month for May! There is something seemingly different about this fruit infusion compared to last year’s release, that is just so much more bright and lively… from the appearance to the aroma right to the flavour. You can see every single ingredient in the loose leaf. The whole raspberries, the rose petals, the bits of carrot, the raisins, the peppermint leaves, as well as huge pieces of lime.

This blend has a very strong, robust scent. It’s obviously very fruity, due to the raspberries, but also citrus-y and pleasantly minty. After five minutes, it steeps to a beautiful, deep pink colour, that is actually closer to red, to be honest. When Raspberry Mojito is prepared hot, the combination of raspberries and the hibiscus blossoms produce a not-so-surprising tart taste. Sugar is definitely needed to help smooth out the intense tang of this tisane. Both of the aforementioned ingredients are very much at the forefront, delivering a one-two punch to your taste buds. While the peppermint settles into the aftertaste adding a fresh, cooling effect. The lime is unfortunately not as prominent as I’d personally like it to be, it seems like it gets lost amongst the other flavour components. For me, Raspberry Mojito doesn’t completely live up to its namesake, mostly because there is not enough mint or lime for my liking, but this still remains one of my very favourite iced teas!

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