Green & Fruity: A DAVIDsTea Review

A super refreshing, hydrating blend of green rooibos and tropical fruits.




Now that’s fresh…

(Green and red rooibos, apple, candied papaya, mango, natural and artificial flavouring.)

Consumed in South Africa for centuries, rooibos (pronounced ROY-bos), also referred to as “red bush” tea, is a miracle plant that has gained popularity in recent years, and not just because it is caffeine free, rich in antioxidants, and naturally hydrating. (But you have to admit, those are pretty great selling points, right?) The loose leaf is composed simply of chunky pieces of dried tropical fruit swimming in a sea of mostly green needle-like leaves (with a sprinkling of red). It’s a little tempting not to pick out a piece of papaya and pretend it’s a piece of candy and eat it straight from the tea. It smells incredibly fruity and sweet, but there is a slight earthiness yielding from the base. It’s really as self-explanatory as its name.

After five minutes, the colour of this tea can be best compared to that of a straight black tea. It has that same kind of orange-y hue, and a strong fruity quality to the scent, but the rooibos has come through a lot more. I personally would have preferred if it was merely the green rooibos alone, not a blend, but at least the red doesn’t manage to completely dominate the green, and is still somewhat light and refreshing. On top of all the other fruits showcased in Green & Fruity, there is some peach coming through, which may be hidden in the ‘artificial flavouring’ aspect of this tea. I love its smooth taste and the natural sweetness it possesses. Overall, Green & Fruity’s rooibos base is nice and delicate, which allows the fruitier notes to have their moment in the spotlight. Sadly, this tea is being discontinued, so stock up while you still can!


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