Pear Blossom: A DAVIDsTea Review

This mouthwatering infusion balances the sweetness of Anjou pears with papaya, pineapple and a floral kiss of sunflower blossom. Pure pear-fection.




Next-level nectar…

(Pear, apple, candied papaya, candied pineapple, rosehip peel, sunflower blossoms, stevia extract, natural pear and peach flavouring.)

I don’t know if anyone else can sense fall in the air too, but just because summer is slowly but surely coming to an end, there are still so many things to look forward to with fall just around the corner. Like pears coming into season, for example. With over 3,000 varieties available around the world, this member of the rose family, is an excellent source of (dietary) fibre and more versatile than you’d think. DAVIDsTea showcases the Anjou pear, in all its fresh and juicy glory, through a herbal blend called Pear Blossom (1/5 of the newly released Harvest Collection). Pear is indeed the dominant ingredient in the initial aroma of the dry leaf, followed by peach with a hint of apple, while the loose leaf appearance consists of little dried bits of pineapple and papaya, amongst slightly bigger pieces of pear and apple, with a much needed kiss of colour from the rosehip peel and yellow flower petals. Everything is present, except of course, the added flavourings and stevia extract.

Even after steeping for seven full minutes, Pear Blossom still results in a pretty light colour that is reminiscent of diluted apple juice, and it smells just as sweet and fruity as it did upon first sniff. I love that despite containing four other fruit flavours, the pear here is somewhat mellow, but ultimately manages to hold its own. The sunflower blossoms contribute a pleasant and delicate floral element in the backend of each sip. It should be noted that even with stevia being apart of this tea, it is thankfully quite tame. It’s there to help provide the perfect level of sweetness, and not take away from the ripe pear flavour, like it has a tendency to do at times. The fact that there is peach flavouring infused into this tisane admittedly throws me off a bit, but I think it is what is making me favour this tea as much as I do. The pear and peach are mingling together here in perfect harmony. From my previous experience with pear based teas from DT (cc: Poached Pear, Ginger Pear), they are typically paired with warmer components like ginger or cinnamon, but even though Pear Blossom is a sweeter, juicier pear offering, you honestly can’t go wrong whether you decide to drink this one iced or hot/warm.

Just Beet It: A DAVIDsTea Review

We squeezed all the sweetness of beetroot into this energizing blend of maté, apple, goji and blackberries. Hot or iced, it’s pretty hard to beet.



Turn up the beet…

(Apple, raisins, hibiscus blossoms, beet root, elderberries, carrot, green maté, goji berries, aronia berries, blackberries, red currants, guarana seeds, raspberries, cornflower blossoms, natural and artificial wildberry flavouring.)

When it comes to the beet, the first thing that immediately comes to my mind is its ability to stain everything in its path, whether that means your fingers, your counter top, or your clothes. But they are obviously known for so much more than the blood red stain they leave behind and their sweet, earthy flavour. Although beets may have the highest sugar content of all vegetables, beets also contain something called betaine, a substance said to relax one’s mind. Which is an interesting fact to me, considering DAVIDsTea’s Just Beet It  is a highly caffeinated/stimulating tea blend. The aroma of the dry leaf smells pleasantly fruity, packed full of berries, slightly earthy, while tart at the same time. On the other hand, the loose leaf of this tea appears to contain nearly every colour of the rainbow. Apart from the dark/red components: hibiscus blossoms, various berries, and beetroot, Just Beet It also includes beautifully blue cornflower petals, vibrant orange pieces of carrot, and more… all on top of a base of green maté.

Not really the rich, dark red that typically comes from raw beets, but still bright and vivid just the same. The hibiscus, and of course the beetroot do what they do best, filling the cup with a striking shade of red liqueur after five full minutes of steeping. The scent at this point is even more so earthy, with just a touch of fruitiness. Off the bat, there is an undeniable mixed berry flavour and a definite tartness present in the first sips. But the more you sip, the more you are able to actually taste the beets, which leave a deep, lingering sweetness paired with a tart, dark berry taste. There is no additional sugar particularly needed, because there’s already plenty of natural sweetness provided not only from the beets, but also via the various other dried fruits. Besides its delightfully pun-ny name, Just Beet It is full bodied in flavour, with ingredients you can feel good about drinking, and a guaranteed boost of energy supplied by its green maté base to match. Coincidentally, this exact tea draws strong comparisons to Power Berry, a recently discontinued blend that also features berries and green maté, in case you were ever searching for a replacement.

Orange Glow: A DAVIDsTea Review

This freshly pressed tonic of carrot, orange and ginger is so vibrant, it’ll have people asking what your secret is. Time to get your glow on!



Liquid sunshine…

(Carrot, candied ginger, beetroot, pumpkin, hibiscus, orange peel, marigold blossoms, safflower petals, natural orange flavouring.)

Pop quiz time! What do oranges, carrots, and ginger have in common, besides containing vitamin C (a dietary essential), and being paired together in various dishes and pressed juice recipes? All three ingredients are featured in Orange Glow, a fruit infusion included in DAVIDsTea’s brand new Harvest Collection, and are said to be beautifying. Radiant skin, here I come! From the aroma of the dry leaf, you can pick up just the slightest hint of the ginger, as well as the orange, but it’s still primarily sweet carrot and earthy pumpkin. Carrot is also easily the first thing you spot in the loose leaf appearance, followed by the hibiscus blossoms, beetroot, pumpkin, and candied ginger. These ingredients are the biggest components of Orange Glow and stand out the most visually, while the smaller pieces of orange peel and flower petals (marigold and safflower) sort of blend into the very orange background.

Six minutes later and the resulting brew is essentially a blood orange hue. The orange scent has increased since being steeped, and is supported by the carrot. These same two ingredients are easily the dominant flavours noted upon sipping. It tastes a lot like what you would get if you melted down a bunch of orange flavoured lollipops (or think about drinking a can of Fanta Orange!), but with at least half the overall sugar content. Despite the amount of carrot in Orange Glow, the orange flavour is still able to shine through, even though it comes off more artificial than anything else. For anyone worried about the (candied) ginger, it is hardly detectable in this blend, it’s basically just contributing sweetness to the tea. If it wasn’t listed, I would have no idea that it played any kind of role in this juicy brew. And there’s really no need for any additional sugar, there’s plenty of natural sweetness present in this fruit infusion. At the end of the day, Orange Glow embodies its name perfectly; bright, vibrant, and orange all around.