White Chocolate Chai: A DAVIDsTea Review

Our hunt for the perfect white chocolate chai is finally over. And with its balance of creamy sweetness and warming spices, this black tea blend is even better than we imagined.




Spice up your life…

White Chocolate Chai

(Black tea, ginger, cinnamon, cocoa nibs, white chocolate curls, cardamom, cloves, cocoa powder, stevia extract, natural and artificial white chocolate flavouring.)

The concept of a “white chocolate chai” really piqued an interest in me, especially because I haven’t really seen any other company release anything quite like it. But upon seeing the ingredients for DAVIDsTea’s White Chocolate Chai, my original excitement lowered, here’s why: I am personally not a huge fan of regular chocolate, but because the in-store sample didn’t have a strong chocolate taste, I figured I should give this tea a fair shot. The loose leaf appearance looks exactly like a standard chai tea… There’s cinnamon, cloves, ginger, cardamom pods, all on top of a base of black tea. But in this case, there’s also curls of white chocolate, as well as cocoa nibs to “spice” things up. The dry leaf has a strong spiced scent to it, with the ginger, cinnamon and cardamom standing out the most to me. It’s even somewhat comparable to Cardamom French Toast, another spiced black tea blend.

Once steeped for four full minutes, White Chocolate Chai results in a warm, rich brown colour, with a slight oil film across the top of the brew. Upon the initial sip, you can without a doubt feel the presence of the ginger. It’s quite strong, and you can feel the intensity and burn as it goes down. The other spices help to round out the chai aspect, while the white chocolate and stevia extract contributes a sweetness that is not over the top. If the stevia wasn’t listed, I would have had no idea that there was stevia in this tea. It’s really not as in your face as it can be at times. The cocoa (nibs and powder) is not as dominant as I was expecting it to be, the spices definitely reign supreme. Unfortunately the white chocolate is not detectable in the tea’s overall flavour, despite the various chocolate curls scattered throughout, as well as additional flavourings. Adding milk (or preparing WCC as a latte) definitely enhances what White Chocolate Chai should have tasted like from the get-go, but otherwise, it is presented more like a pre-sweetened chai blend than anything else. Yeah, the cozy/comfort factor is there, but it’s still lacking some oomph.

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