Hi, my name is Antonia! I’m a 24-year old Canadian female who uses the Internet to express herself freely. This blog has been a long time coming for me. It’s currently my little pride and joy, because I finally managed to find the energy and balls to create it and then put it out into the world.  Basically ever since I sold my soul to DAVIDsTea almost two years ago, I knew that I wanted to do tea reviews. Evidently I’m not the world’s greatest writer, but this is definitely a good way for me to get some practice, and I welcome any feedback or constructive criticism in the comments! 

A fun fact about me is that even though I love and completely obsess over tea, I always end up working in coffee shops! In the past, I have been employed by Aroma Espresso Bar, Tim Hortons, and most recently, Second Cup. It should also be noted that I live and breathe for the colour purple, I am a diehard Britney Spears fan, I worship the moon, and I have freckles on my hands. It brings me great pleasure to share my love for tea with all of you!

Below I have listed my favourite teas from DAVIDsTea by tea type:

  • White: Monk’s Blend, Sweet Lime, Walnut Orange Scone
  • Green: Kashmiri Chai, Green Passionfruit
  • Matcha: Blueberry, Maple
  • Oolong: Vanilla Orchid, Long Life Oolong
  • Black: Cardamom French Toast, Kenyan Tinderet, Earl Grey
  • Pu’erh: Juicy Orange
  • Maté: Main Squeeze, Electric Lemonade
  • Rooibos: Raspberry Cream Pie, Green & Fruity
  • Herbal: Caribbean Crush, Just Peachy, Spearmint

Favourite flavours/ingredients: Peach, melon, strawberry, cardamom, ginger (in most cases), vanilla, white chocolate, cinnamon, banana, citrus, fruity, floral

Least favourite flavours/ingredients: Coconut, red rooibos, licorice root, hibiscus, stevia extract, chamomile, grapefruit, chocolate, coffee, most nuts, smoky, tart