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Just Beet It: A DAVIDsTea Review



Turn up the beet…

(Apple, raisins, hibiscus blossoms, beet root, elderberries, carrot, green maté, goji berries, aronia berries, blackberries, red currants, guarana seeds, raspberries, cornflower blossoms, natural and artificial wildberry flavouring.)

When it comes to the beet, the first thing that immediately comes to my mind is its ability to stain everything in its path, whether that means your fingers, your counter top, or your clothes. But they are obviously known for so much more than the blood red stain they leave behind and their sweet, earthy flavour. Although beets may have the highest sugar content of all vegetables, beets also contain something called betaine, a substance said to relax one’s mind. Which is an interesting fact to me, considering DAVIDsTea’s Just Beet It  is a highly caffeinated/stimulating tea blend. The aroma of the dry leaf smells pleasantly fruity, packed full of berries, slightly earthy, while tart at the same time. On the other hand, the loose leaf of this tea appears to contain nearly every colour of the rainbow. Apart from the dark/red components: hibiscus blossoms, various berries, and beetroot, Just Beet It also includes beautifully blue cornflower petals, vibrant orange pieces of carrot, and more… all on top of a base of green maté.

Not really the rich, dark red that typically comes from raw beets, but still bright and vivid just the same. The hibiscus, and of course the beetroot do what they do best, filling the cup with a striking shade of red liqueur after five full minutes of steeping. The scent at this point is even more so earthy, with just a touch of fruitiness. Off the bat, there is an undeniable mixed berry flavour and a definite tartness present in the first sips. But the more you sip, the more you are able to actually taste the beets, which leave a deep, lingering sweetness paired with a tart, dark berry taste. There is no additional sugar particularly needed, because there’s already plenty of natural sweetness provided not only from the beets, but also via the various other dried fruits. Besides its delightfully pun-ny name, Just Beet It is full bodied in flavour, with ingredients you can feel good about drinking, and a guaranteed boost of energy supplied by its green maté base to match. Coincidentally, this exact tea draws strong comparisons to Power Berry, a recently discontinued blend that also features berries and green maté, in case you were ever searching for a replacement.

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Main Squeeze: A DAVIDsTea Review



Greet the day…


(Green yerba mate, candied papaya, pineapple, safflower petals, natural flavouring.)

What’s your beverage of choice when it comes time to start a brand new day, and head downstairs for breakfast? Is it milk, is it a green smoothie, is it coffee, or is it good ol’ orange juice? What if I told you that there is a tea that combines the best parts of a cup of coffee and a glass of freshly squeezed OJ, into a fruity blend with a nice (and probably much needed) boost of energy? It’s called Main Squeeze, and it may just become a new addition to your morning routine. The dry leaf smells sweet and citrus-y. Even though the orange is most likely hidden in the “natural flavouring”, it is still prominent in the nose of this tea. With slight tropical notes from the pineapple and papaya too.

Once steeped for close to five minutes, Main Squeeze takes on a golden green liquor with just the slightest cloudiness to it, almost as if it were a green tea. The earthy yerba maté base comes through more so in the scent, with a lingering of fresh citrus. I cannot fully commit and say that it tastes outright like orange juice, but it is somewhat similar. Kind of reminds me of a popular powdered drink from my childhood, Tang. The fruit flavour is not super overwhelming, but it’s strong enough to dampen the earthiness that mate possesses and any possible bitterness. It also has a natural sweetness generating from the candied fruit, so it’s really not necessary to add any additional sugar. I feel like overall this is a great way to ease your way into mate teas, if you’re new to them. Yerba mate is a naturally caffeinated drink from South America, so there’s no need to worry about crashing or getting the jitters.

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Live Wire Lemon: A DAVIDsTea Review



Once yaupon a time…


(Apple, ginger, lemongrass, yaupon, lemon peel, natural lemon flavouring.)

Similar to yerba mate and guayusa with its stimulating properties, yaupon is a wild-grown herb native to southeastern North America, that is naturally caffeinated, but also virtually unfamiliar to many. I, for sure, used to be one of those people. Yaupon is an ingredient showcased in Live Wire Lemon, a citrus-y tea that originally made its debut around this time last year, as a part of DAVIDsTea’s Feel Good Collection. But it has since been resurrected and given the honour of “Tea of the Month” for January, meaning that it will be available all year long! The smell really packs quite the one-two punch, it is so undeniably lemony, with a slightly vegetal note and a hint of ginger.

To put it simply, Live Wire Lemon is a pretty fuss-free blend. It doesn’t seem to get bitter, even after more than 10 minutes of steeping. The extended time only allows you to enjoy that much more flavour (and to be honest, more ginger) out of it. The colour of the liqueur ranges from a pale yellow to a nice amber tone, depending once again on how long it sits for. Now the lemon taste is not nearly as overpowering/strong as the scent is, but it still holds its own. If you enjoy lemons, you should have no problem at all finishing a cup of this tea. For one, it’s not too tart or too sweet. It has a clean, fresh taste. Its light, but bright flavour profile really wakes up your taste buds, while keeping you alert without the fear of jitters or crashing later on in the day. And you know what? The more that I think about it, Live Wire Lemon is starting to make me nostalgic for lemon lollipops from my childhood…