Mighty Aphrodite: A DAVIDsTea Review

This sweet, herbal raspberry leaf tea is perfect for soon-to-be moms.



Girl power!


(Raspberry leaves, apple, lemon balm, rosehip shells, raspberry, natural raspberry and red fruit flavouring.)

To be honest, dried raspberry leaves look extremely odd, and not like something that should be consumed, but on the other hand, they’re known to be “a girl’s best friend” for many reasons. For example: treating cold sores, promising to increase fertility, and relieving morning sickness symptoms. But the benefit that has always caught my attention is the supposed ability to relieve menstrual cramps… something that I  personally suffer from a great deal, each and every month (Sorry if that’s TMI, just being honest). Sweet raspberry with a slight herbal background is what I can pick up from the first whiff, but there’s still something else there that I can’t quite put my finger on… Guess that’ll remain a mystery to me.

You would think that this tea would be red or pink even, but after just over five minutes, Mighty Aphrodite steeps up to a golden/amber-ish colour, but loses its fruity aroma somewhat. Apparently its flavour as well. The first sip is not very strong or impressive, but perhaps a longer steep time was necessary. It’s pretty bland as is. It seems a touch of sugar/sweetener is needed for it to be enjoyable. After agave, I could taste the raspberry mingling with the apple, with lemon (balm) coming through in the aftertaste. Overall, Mighty Aphrodite is a smooth and soothing blend. I can’t exactly vouch for whether or not it actually helps with cramps. It could just be a placebo effect, after all. But I’ll probably continue to drink it out of sheer desperation.


DAVIDsTea – The Perfect Spoon

Made to measure…

This is one of our very favourite products. It’s small, but has great powers. By helping you measure your loose-leaf tea correctly, it will ensure a perfect brew every time. Not too strong, not too weak. You’ll love it. Just the high-quality heft of the stainless steel is enough to make us want to buy another.

When I first got into DAVIDsTea in September of 2015, I made my very first online order about a week or two later, which included the following starter items:


It’s debatable whether the perfect spoon really serves a purpose, or how necessary it really is to the tea making process. Every tea drinker is different; some opt for using regular measuring spoons to make their daily cuppas, but for me, The Perfect Spoon is all I’ve known to use from the very beginning. It is an essential part of my day, especially where tea is concerned. And to be honest, that is every day. In the past year, DAVIDsTea has developed their accessories line, expanding on their variety of spoons. They’ve always had their standard silver, but recently they have come out with black for Halloween and gold for the holidays.

A couple days ago, guava pink, teal, mango, deep indigo, and sunshine yellow all joined the spoon family. They’re all limited edition colours, and as much as I was intrigued to have my very own spoon rainbow, I decided to stick strictly with the teal option. Any of the other colours would have added a nice added brightness to my tea corner, but I ultimately felt like teal was the clear winner, because it’s the perfect representative of DAVIDs Tea as a whole. That classic teal is splashed on their store walls, their website, and even the boxes that get dropped off at your home each time you order. Now, if they ever came out with a lilac purple or minty green coloured perfect spoon, I would be all over those in a hot second!


Zestfully Green: A DAVIDsTea Review

Start fresh with this energizing blend of citrus, ginger and benefit-packed matcha.



A citrusy splash…


(Ginger, green tea, apple, licorice root, orange peel, sweet blackberry leaves, matcha green tea, natural lemon flavouring.)

Who’s ready for an all-natural detox… in liquid form? Now that we have officially left 2016 behind us, what better time than now to sip to a fresh new start, via another offering from DAVIDsTea’s Feel Good Collection that is chocked full of healthy, beneficial ingredients. There is matcha, as well as regular green tea; both are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and fiber. The addition of licorice root aids in digestion and helps to soothe irritation and inflammation of the digestive tract, while the citrus is hydrating and great for helping to improve your immune system. But best of all, there is ginger. It’s almost like a secret weapon. This spicy root is renowned for its powerful cleansing properties, and that’s the very first thing you can smell when you get a whiff of this tea, along with a splash of citrus.

Every ingredient in this tea is dusted thoroughly with matcha powder, so even after the minimum steeping time of three minutes, you’re left with a really murky looking cup of tea. It’s similar to swamp water. You know, like a very unappealing brown-ish green shade. I can already predict that this blend is going to get plenty of comparisons to the Tea of the Month, Live Wire Lemon, which makes sense, but there’s more of an earthy kick from the ginger here, as well as the licorice root that hits you at the back of throat with its natural sweetness. As you get closer and closer to the bottom of this brew, the ginger becomes more and more prevalent; ginger just has a way of stealing the spotlight and making itself known as much as possible, and here is no exception. You can’t really taste the green tea or the matcha at all, but it’s still there for a nice boost of energy. Zestfully Green, simply put, is the love child of the aforementioned Live Wire Lemon & The Buzz.




Moroccan Mint: A DAVIDsTea Review

Get a taste of Moroccan tradition with this fresh and soothing minty green tea.



A taste of the exotic…


(Green tea, peppermint, spearmint.)

In the 18th century, the British introduced tea to the country of Morocco, as part of the expansion of overseas markets and trade with Asia. Moroccan Mint is one of the most classic and beloved (green) teas of all time, comprised of gunpowder green tea and cooling, but calming peppermint. Because the recipe is so basic and straightforward, I’m surprised that DAVIDsTea hasn’t offered a blend of their own until now… Today, it makes its official debut as a part of this year’s Feel Good Collection, but with the addition of sweet spearmint leaves. The dry leaf smells very comforting. Comforting, fresh and super minty (as is to be expected). After close to four minutes, which is a minute past the recommended brewing time of 2-3, Moroccan Mint steeps up to a golden yellow-green colour.

Drinking this tea for the first time leaves me with mixed emotions, because all you taste is mint. Like a good 96%, at least. And the two types of mint leaves blend quite nicely. I have a hard time detecting one over the other though. As for the green tea base? It seems to be camouflaging itself as well. You can smell it somewhat once steeped, but ultimately, it’s almost nonexistent. I’m enjoying how despite the flavour being on the lighter side, how refreshing and soothing it still is. Fun fact about Moroccan Mint tea is that it is famously served extra sweet (with sugar cubes) – even though the spearmint included already contributes some sweetness – so it only seemed right to make sure I had the opportunity to sip this one the way it was intended. All in all, Moroccan Mint is nothing in particular to write home about. But if you enjoy mint tea like I personally do, but still crave a boost of energy/something caffeinated, then this would definitely be worth trying. Especially after a heavy meal! (It works as a great digestive aid.)



Buchu Superfruit: A DAVIDsTea Review

A mix of smooth-drinking buchu and yummy goji berries.



Merci buchu!


(Black currants, blackberry leaves, green rooibos, goji berries, strawberries, buchu, blueberries, acai, stevia extract, natural acai and raspberry flavouring.)

The name says it all… Super fruit. Goji berries, acai, blueberry, strawberry, raspberry, blackberry… leaves. You name it, it is all featured in Buchu Superfruit. Buchu, on the other hand, is a completely brand new concept to me. Apparently it is a smooth drinking herb native to South Africa that is traditionally used for renewal and detoxing purposes, and has a black currant-esque flavour to it. Off the bat, the loose leaf has a nondescript mixed berries aroma (obviously), but is also very reminiscent of grape candy (Jolly Ranchers, for example). Green rooibos is used as the base here, providing a lighter taste, that’s also fresh and mildly sweet. I have always personally preferred green over the typical red rooibos, which I find to be much stronger in flavour.

After close to 5 minutes of steeping, Buchu Superfruit results in a nice, “burnt orange” type of colour, but the brew itself seems to lose a lot of its original fruity/berry-like scent AND taste, unfortunately. The black currant is very much at the forefront, along with the blackberry leaves, when you take your initial sips, but as time passes, it just tastes more and more watered down to me. Medicinal too, kind of like cough syrup. The good news is, that no sugar/sweetener is technically needed. That’s what the stevia extract is there for… BUT I find it ruins this tea for me. There are times when it’s not as noticeable, but here, it leaves a strange aftertaste that just coats your tongue. For an all-natural, organic tea, this tastes a little too artificial for my liking. Preparing it iced certainly helps, and I will be doing so in order to finish what I have left of Buchu Superfruit, but because it still leaves a lot to be desired from it, I will not be purchasing anymore of this juicy, caffeine-free blend…


Turmeric Glow: A DAVIDsTea Review

Get your glow back with this brightening blend of turmeric, carrot and ginger.



The golden standard…


(Carrots, ginger, turmeric, sweet blackberry leaf, pineapple, beetroot, natural pineapple flavouring.)

Belonging to the ginger family, turmeric has been widely used in East India and the Middle East for thousands of years, and is now one of the most highly-prized spices in the world. This year’s Feel Good Collection features yet another herbal blend with this “golden root” as the star. What better way to start the new year off than with a cup of none other than Turmeric Glow? You would almost be surprised by just how many things turmeric is good for. For example: improving one’s ability to digest fats, reducing gas and bloating, decreasing congestion, as well as promoting better skin. Not surprisingly, before steeping, Turmeric Glow smells primarily earthy and spicy, but you can’t deny the sweetness that the carrots and pineapple bring to the table.

The loose leaf contains vibrant pops of yellow, orange, and more, but the beet root in this blend is what made my cup a beautiful reddish pink colour after about 6 to 7 minutes. The fruitiness here really helps to mellow out the spices, yet somehow managing to clash together at the same time. And the fact that this tea actually wasn’t as “spicy” or “spiced” as you might think it would taste… was a total relief. I didn’t need to add any kind of sweetener either. It already has a lot going for it. Needless to say, I am kind of conflicted about how I feel about Turmeric Glow overall. Just like Mango Turmeric from the previous year’s Feel Good Collection, Turmeric Glow unfortunately ends up missing the mark for me. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a horrible tea by any means, but it’s also just okay… I love and appreciate that it is good for you at the end of the day, and it really encouraged me to do my research about such an unique ingredient – turmeric. It’s hit or miss, but still worth a shot. (Especially iced!)


Live Wire Lemon: A DAVIDsTea Review

A light and lemony blend of super-energizing yaupon and citrus.



Once yaupon a time…


(Apple, ginger, lemongrass, yaupon, lemon peel, natural lemon flavouring.)

Similar to yerba mate and guayusa with its stimulating properties, yaupon is a wild-grown herb native to southeastern North America, that is naturally caffeinated, but also virtually unfamiliar to many. I, for sure, used to be one of those people. Yaupon is an ingredient showcased in Live Wire Lemon, a citrus-y tea that originally made its debut around this time last year, as a part of DAVIDsTea’s Feel Good Collection. But it has since been resurrected and given the honour of “Tea of the Month” for January, meaning that it will be available all year long! The smell really packs quite the one-two punch, it is so undeniably lemony, with a slightly vegetal note and a hint of ginger.

To put it simply, Live Wire Lemon is a pretty fuss-free blend. It doesn’t seem to get bitter, even after more than 10 minutes of steeping. The extended time only allows you to enjoy that much more flavour (and to be honest, more ginger) out of it. The colour of the liqueur ranges from a pale yellow to a nice amber tone, depending once again on how long it sits for. Now the lemon taste is not nearly as overpowering/strong as the scent is, but it still holds its own. If you enjoy lemons, you should have no problem at all finishing a cup of this tea. For one, it’s not too tart or too sweet. It has a clean, fresh taste. Its light, but bright flavour profile really wakes up your taste buds, while keeping you alert without the fear of jitters or crashing later on in the day. And you know what? The more that I think about it, Live Wire Lemon is starting to make me nostalgic for lemon lollipops from my childhood…