Strawberry Lemonade: A DAVIDsTea Review

This citrus-y tea tastes just like a fresh glass of lemonade, with a strawberry twist.




Berry contrary…


(Apple, hibiscus blossoms, blackberry leaves, candied papaya, lemongrass, beetroot, strawberries, marigold blossoms, natural strawberry and lemon flavouring.)

When life gives you lemons, you obviously have to make lemonade. Sweet or tart, pink or yellow, a tall glass of ice-cold lemonade is the perfect beverage to have on hand on a warm, sunny afternoon. A nostalgic symbol of both summertime and childhood, this simple drink (literally lemon juice, water, and sugar) has been enjoyed all over the world for at least ten decades, and it clearly isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. But what do you do when life hands you a pitcher of lemonade? Why not amp it up and add some juicy strawberries into the mix? Strawberry Lemonade is a brand new herbal blend from the Freshly Squeezed Collection by DAVIDsTea that released today, and from the scent alone, I’m already getting strong lemonade vibes. The lemongrass is what stands out the most in the dry nose. The sharp citrus kind of towers over the sweet strawberry, but still manages to hold its own.

There’s yellow via the marigold petals, green via the blackberry leaves and lemongrass, and of course, plenty of red via the hibiscus blossoms, beetroot, strawberries, and more. These are all visible in the loose leaf appearance of this tisane. Once steeped for just over six minutes, Strawberry Lemonade quickly transforms into a dark, crimson red colour that now smells a lot more like berries than it did previously. Upon sipping, you get hit directly with a bit of a pucker from the tart lemon (as well as the hibiscus!), finishing with a sweet berry note to round it all out. Sugar is definitely required in this tea to remove a lot of the tang. Hot, it’s not too impressive, but iced, it reigns supreme. Suffice to say, it is both delicious and refreshing. This tea really hits the nail on the head, capturing the idea of Strawberry Lemonade perfectly. It has the bright tartness that you expect from lemonade, with a sweet hint of strawberry. If you like Electric Lemonade, this tea is pretty similar in flavour, but without the mate base/caffeine aspect.


Orange Passionfruit: A DAVIDsTea Review

Your favourite OJ just got a tropical upgrade, thanks to a touch of passion fruit.



Orange you glad…

Organic Orange Passionfruit

(Apple, raisins, carrot, beetroot, orange peel, citric acid, organic orange and natural passion fruit flavouring.)

Rise and shine, tea lover! Looking to start your day off on the right foot? DAVIDsTea’s brand spanking new Freshly Squeezed Collection features three juicy, citrus-based herbal blends, including Orange Passionfruit, which is supposed to be a doppelganger of a glass of orange juice, but with a “twist”. Cue the passionfruit. Let’s talk about the loose leaf appearance, shall we? Besides the added flavourings, this all natural (and organic) tisane is comprised simply of five ingredients: dried apple chunks, carrot, bits of orange peel, with pieces of beetroot and raisins to keep the loose leaf from looking completely one noted and monotone in colour. As for the scent of the dry leaf, both the orange and the passion fruit respectively have strong, distinct scents to them; but here, the orange definitely comes out on top, contributing a potent citrus aroma, with a slight tropical essence from the tangy passion fruit.

After six minutes of steeping, Orange Passionfruit has brewed to a vibrant cherry red colour, due to in part to the beetroot, as well as the abundance of carrot. The aroma is now a lot more tropical, but also smells somewhat like orange juice pulp, if that makes any sense. Without the addition of sugar, Orange Passionfruit has a pretty strong tang, and the carrot comes through significantly above any other ingredient. The passionfruit component comes off somewhat muddled, settling more so into the aftertaste. As I sip this tea, I can’t help but think about how exotic it feels, yet familiar all at once. Five Alive is definitely something that frequented through my house as a child, especially the tropical variety, which features mango, guava, apricot, and you guessed it… orange and passionfruit. And that’s why it seems so familiar, because of its similarities to Fiva Alive. So I can definitely appreciate the nostalgic quality of this tea, and how truly refreshing it is when prepared over ice. But I had higher hopes for Orange Passionfruit that just weren’t met, unfortunately.


Grapefruit Squeeze: A DAVIDsTea Review

With hibiscus, rosehips and juicy grapefruit, this fruity tea is as fresh as it gets.



Get squeezed…

Grapefruit Squeeze

(Apple pomace, lemongrass, rosehip shells, sweet blackberry leaves, roasted chicory root, lemon peel, hibiscus, rose petals, artificial grapefruit and black currant flavouring.)

Tart and tangy with an underlying sweetness, grapefruits have a juiciness that without a doubt, rivals that of the ever popular orange, and sparkles with many of the same health promoting benefits. The newly released Freshly Squeezed Collection from DAVIDsTEA, features three prominent members of the citrus family, but for this review, we’re focusing on Grapefruit Squeeze (a seemingly re-packaged version of Ruby Red from their very extensive tea graveyard). Brace yourself for the highly aromatic scent coming off this bad boy! It consists mostly of grapefruit (obviously), while the other citrus component, lemon, rightfully plays second fiddle here, blending with the grapefruit nicely. Considering how lemongrass can be quite assertive alongside other ingredients, here it’s no match at all for the grapefruit. The rose petals, hibiscus, and aforementioned lemongrass help to liven up the otherwise really bland loose leaf appearance of this tea.

The colour after steeping (for a full six minutes) is pretty spot on to what a glass of pink grapefruit juice looks like. Or red, depending on if you let the colour seep out from the hibiscus past 7 minutes. The aroma is no longer as potent as it once was, but has retained a bit of its original kick. I am happy to report that Grapefruit Squeeze has a very true to form grapefruit essence, with the roasted chicory root supplying a bitterness at the end of each and every sip. There’s a strong tang present, that is borderline pucker worthy. There’s also a high citrus aspect happening here, so it’s kind of expected. Sugar is definitely recommended if you’re not the biggest fan of sour/bitter teas. At this current moment, it is still unclear of where exactly the “blackcurrant flavouring” comes into play, but that’s a listed ingredient here… At the end of the day, this herbal blend is definitely for all the grapefruit lovers out there, the once “forbidden fruit”. If you were at all disappointed with Grapefruit Granita from this year’s summer collection, have no fear! You don’t have to worry about there being any ginger mixed into this tangy tisane, just 100% grapefruit-y goodness!